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Welcome Jossac Cleaning Services


Jossac Cleaning Services is a privately owned business with over three decades of experience in the cleaning industry. Jossac’s success as specialists in the cleaning industry is attributed to the client partnership ethics we so strongly adhere to and the high-quality cleaning services we provide.

Our Management Team

We are committed to providing exceptional service and engage with our clients in a proactive way. Our Customer Service Managers are available at any time of the day which builds upon our excelling customer satisfaction.

Our team understands the importance of their roles play in your facility’s success. Our leaders and management monitor our team members, to ensure compliance. It is important to us that when changes are instituted our team is on board, supporting those improvements. We work with you so that you are satisfied with your controlled environment. It is our goal to support your compliance.

Our Customers


Jossac Cleaning Service is closely aligned to ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Jossac’s Cleaning uses the template of ISO 9001 as its Quality Management System, we meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 9001 but are not certified, however, we can provide evidence of our in-house Quality Management System upon request.

Jossac’s Cleaning standards are based on over three decades of firsthand experience working in cleanrooms; grade A to grade D and peripheral supporting unclassified areas in the Biopharmaceutical and Biotech companies. Standards set by the manufacturers of human therapy are of the highest standards. These types of manufacturers are heavily regulated and audited by the regulatory bodies on a yearly basis to provide assurance to the end-user. Jossac’s Cleaning Services treats every job with the end-user in mind.

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Why Choose Jossac Cleaning Services?

Jossac Cleaning is dedicated to helping you create a sanitized bio clean environment in your business. We have many years of experience in the industry and our highly skilled team of cleaners provide professional cleaning services throughout Melbourne and the surrounding areas so that you do not have to do it yourself.

  1. Our skilled cleaning agents are here for you seven days a week whenever required
  2. We can tailor our cleaning services to suit your individual requirements
  3. If you have a cleaning emergency, we can arrange help within 2 – 24 hours

How will Jossac benefit your Business?

  1. We maintain our high standard of cleaning through our quality control measures and conduct regular audits on our staff and cleaning sites, showing consistency and transparency
  2. We have been providing cleaning packages and cleaning solutions for multiple businesses across Melbourne CBD and Melbourne Victoria
  3. We pride ourselves on maintaining open communications and welcome feedback to ensure we are delivering on not only the extremely high standards we set but also meeting the expectations of our clients
  4. Meeting with industry leaders to make sure we are up to date in the latest technology and usage of environmentally safe products and procedures
  5. We welcome new clients and aim to maintain our long-term business relationships by building on our reputation year after year and through word of mouth from our existing clientele

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Contact Us: 1800 316 444