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Pharmaceutical GMP Clean

Jossac Cleaning is fully trained and certified in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and complies with all TGA Regulations for the cleaning of pharmaceutical manufacturing premises.

We have worked and provided pharmaceutical cleaning for over 30 years and have built up specialist teams who understand the unique requirements of providing antibacterial cleaning, swab testing and reporting outcomes via our specially developed checklist – which can be modified to suit all drug and health products manufacturing.

Every successful company should be cautious with operating costs. Tasking current employees with cleanroom upkeep might seem like the most cost-effective maintenance plan. While such simplification is tempting, it poses several problems.

The maintenance of cleanroom and GMP areas must meet stringent sanitation requirements. These include equipment-appropriate cleaning agents, methods, and products, as well as suitable frequencies of cleaning for various surfaces. The work can be difficult and time-consuming because it must be performed by cleaners wearing protective garments, gloves, boots, eyewear, masks, and head coverings.

Many companies are not trained to clean under these conditions or to meet the rigid requirements for proper cleaning and documentation in such controlled environments. This can lead to failed inspections or potentially disastrous contamination.